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Kelsie Favero

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Kelsie Favero

Nursery Director

Kelsie has been at Faith Baptist Church since before she could even walk. She and her husband Matt met in FBC’s youth group and married in 2011. They welcomed their daughter, Matelyn, into their lives in 2014. Kelsie has been a nurse since 2011 and currently works as a nurse and preschool teacher. She has worked in the nursery since she was in high school and now holds the position of Nursery Director.

  • Favorite Book- Francine Rivers “Redeeming Love” and The Harry Potter series
  • Favorite Movie- Still thinking about that one.
  • Last meal on earth- my mom’s delicious carbonara with a side of pigs in a blanket. After I finish the Pancetta-ey goodness that is Carbonara I would top it all off with my favorite ice cream “cookie cookie cookie” that has cookies and cream, cookie dough AND cookie butter all perfectly blended together. Finished by a nice tall glass of Eggnog.
  • A perfect day- …an entire day at Disney world start to finish with my family. Eating our way through every delicious popcorn and caramel apple flavor.
  • In terms of your faith; where did it all begin?- I don’t know a life without my faith. I was born into a family of ministry. I came to know the Lord at a very young age. Through some trials and circumstances life took some turns and I learned to trust in the Lord on my own as a teenager and really learned what it meant to be a believer.